Community Seed Banks In Uganda

Pakele Community Seed Bank | Adjumani


Pakele Community Seed bank is a recently established seed bank of 2021 in Adjumani district.
The members have taken time to get land for establiching the field bank facitiy with aid from ESAF and are almost done with the construction and set up of the facility. The farmers have a committee which handles adminstrative issues and are focused on working with other seed banks to grow.

The seed bamk is comprised of mostly framer trainer groups and since the facility is just bein established the record management and relatedd information is bein established.

The farmers are united by the drive to sell seed, improving growing capacity of farmer members and returning lost vaireities.

The crop species currently conserved at the seed bank are about 14 varities with the hope of of even adding more.
The most common crops grown in this seed bank are vegetables, beans, ground nuts,sesame and cassava among others. these are the common varieties

The seed bank receives support from ESAF



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