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Orungo Community Seed Bank | Amuria

Image Some of the members of Orungo Community Seed Bank

Orungo community seed bank is a recently registered seed bank established on the 26th, November, 2020. The seedbank is located in Eastern Uganda in Amuria District and was commissioned by the Local Counicil V (LC5) of the district with the goal of conserving diversity in the region which in the long run would benefit the farmers and the regional agriculture eventually.

The crop species currently conserved at Orungo Community seed bank are Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris), cow peas, pigeon peas, green peas, soy bean, rice, bambara nut, ground nuts, oyester nut, sesame, ebalo, sorghum, finger millet, maize(zea mays), pumpkin, Cotalaria spp, Amaranthus, local cucumber, bitter guards, ekabut, chia seed, Amaranthus, chia seed, local orange, red pepper, Hibiscus spp, okra, zinger.

To date, the seed bank receives seed donations as well as support from Oxfam

Orungo Community Seedbank can be reached out on Phone:



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