Community Seed Banks In Uganda

Kiziba Community seed Bank | Sheema-Bushenyi


Committee members of the seed bank at Kiziba

Kiziba community seed bank was one of the first community seedbanks to be established in 2010 and still running. The seed bank is located in South-western Uganda, Sheema District, Kagango County, Kiziba Parish, Rweganga Trading Center Cell (Village).

Overtime, Kiziba has gradually evolved to having a devoted unit of 20 farmers (16 female and 4 male) who are tasked with seed multiplication.
The progress can be attributed to its expansion and evolution into a co-operative society and being engaged in seed production as an autonomous body.
These developments come after its registration and recorgnition at the district level and also being certified by The Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries(MAAIF) which normally takes samples of their seed for inspection at its laboratories.

The crop species currently conserved at Kiziba seedbank is common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)
To date, the seed bank receives support from Bioversity International, National Agricultural Research organization (NARO), IFSD and PELUM (U).

Kiziba community seed bank can be reached out through the Chairperson,
on Phone: (+256)-774-705695.



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